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A New Way to Camp: Camper Trailers with Roof Top Tents

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A New Way to Camp: Camper Trailers with Roof Top Tents

As camping season quickly approaches, campers are making lists of gear to purchase or upgrade for this year’s adventures. A recent advancement in camper trailer technology is roof top tents (RTTs). Camping trailers have long been an appealing solution for lightweight travelers wishing to avoid towing large RVs; what has changed recently however, is that many models now feature roof top tents (RTTs).

RTTs provide many advantages over traditional camping tents, including easier set-up and take down times, weatherproof protection from insects, mosquito proofing, as well as providing campers with a comfortable sleeping space without needing to find flat ground on which to pitch a tent.

Camper trailers with roof top tents provide an alternative form of camping that is sure to enhance the experience for any adventurer looking for a way to camp better than ever. Their various benefits over traditional gear make camping experiences that much sweeter!

What Are Camper Trailers With Roof Top Tents?

Experienced campers understand there are multiple methods of camping; tenting can be great fun or you might prefer an RV – but have you heard of camper trailers with roof top tents before?

These unique camping vehicles have gained in popularity in recent years for several reasons. First, they offer more versatility than a typical RV: taking them off-road allows camping in places an RV would never reach.

Second, roof top tents provide more comfortable sleeping accommodations than sleeping on the ground. A roof top tent provides a raised sleeping surface which keeps insects at bay as well as unwanted surface conditions from impacting upon your comfort during sleep.

Thirdly, camper trailers with roof top tents are easy to set up and take down. No more spending hours putting up tents or trying to level an RV; just simply fold everything up when it’s time to leave and be off on your adventure!

So if you’re searching for an exciting and unforgettable camping experience, why not consider renting a camper trailer equipped with roof top tent? You won’t regret making this choice!

Advantages of Camper Trailers with Roof Top Tents.

Experienced campers may already understand that there are various forms of camping. From car camping, backpacking and RV camping – to more unique options such as camper trailers with roof top tents. But just what are their advantages?

Camping with a camper trailer and roof top tent has quickly become more and more popular for numerous reasons, and here are some advantages of doing it this way:

One of the many advantages of camper trailers with roof top tents is their flexibility; you can use them for various camping styles ranging from car camping to off-road excursions in the backcountry.

Camper trailers with roof top tents make setting up and taking down easy, which makes them an excellent option if camping in remote locations. Traditional tents can make this process tedious; with a camper trailer and roof top tent setup is much simpler.

Camper trailers with roof top tents also boast many other advantages, such as comfort. When camping with traditional tents, sleeping is often done directly on the ground; but when sleeping in a camper trailer with roof top tent, sleeping on an ultra comfortable mattress makes a big difference in getting quality sleep at night.

Camper trailers with roof top tents are also extremely cost-effective; another major perk for budget-conscious campers. Traditional tents can be prohibitively costly; camper trailers with roof top tents offer much greater affordability.

If you’re in search of an innovative way to camp, camper trailers with roof top tents should certainly be taken into consideration.

How to Assemble a Camper Trailer with Roof Top Tent.

If you’re new to camping, setting up a camper trailer with roof top tent may seem daunting – but once you understand how it’s actually very straightforward! Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to set one up:

  1. Begin by parking the trailer where you intend to set up camp. If you need help doing this, there are numerous tutorials online which can provide assistance.
  2. Once your trailer is in position, lower its stabilizing jacks to maintain level and steady control as you set up its components. This will keep everything level while setting up.
  3. Unfold your roof top tent and carefully climb onto the trailer’s roof before setting up its contents. Be sure that it is secure before beginning installation of this tent.
  4. Once your tent is set up, it’s time to begin setting it up! For any assistance needed in doing this, there are numerous tutorials and videos online which can help. Once done, step inside your cozy new camping accommodations!

What to Bring When Camping with a Camper Trailer and Roof Top Tent.

When packing for a camping trip using a camper trailer and roof top tent, several key considerations must be kept in mind. First and foremost are essential camping supplies like tent, sleeping bags, chairs, a camp stove and food. Moreover, remember essential items for your camper trailer such as extra rope and stairs – in case there’s an unexpected emergency on your journey!

One of the key aspects of packing for a camping trip with a camper trailer and roof top tent is remembering to pack a tarp, as this can protect both when not being used and provide extra weather protection. Extra rope may also come in handy should there be any need to secure either object to your camper trailer.

An indispensable item when camping with a camper trailer and roof top tent is a set of stairs. These will come in handy when setting up the tent or climbing to reach your camper trailer’s roof top.

With these essential items at your fingertips, you’re set for any camping adventure with a camper trailer and roof top tent.

How to Store a Camper Trailer with Roof Top Tent.

Are You Needing Tips on Storing Your Camper Trailer with Roof Top Tent: Here Are A Few.

One key consideration when storing a camper trailer with roof top tent is to ensure its surroundings are free from debris. This will extend its life while protecting it from insects or animals that might damage it during storage. Furthermore, make sure the camper trailer is secured so it does not move or shift during this process.

If possible, store the camper trailer under cover to shield it from the elements. If this isn’t feasible, at least make sure the roof top tent is protected with waterproof covering such as tarps or waterproof covers; prop it up so water doesn’t pool on top and cause mildew or other forms of damage.

Make sure to inspect your camper trailer regularly, especially if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, to make sure everything remains in top shape. This step should especially be performed if living near rivers and other bodies of water is involved.

Tips for Utilizing a Camper Trailer with Roof Top Tent.

Depending on your camping style, tent camping on the ground versus using a camper trailer with roof top tent may provide different experiences; here are some ways you can make the most out of them.

  1. Before installing the roof top tent on your camper trailer, check that its level – this will help ensure proper ventilation in the tent as well as open and close functionality of its doors.
  2. Ideally, set up your camper trailer in the shade. This will keep the interior of the tent cooler during hotter weather conditions.
  3. It is essential that the roof top tent be secured tightly against your camper trailer so it does not get caught in strong winds and blow away.
  4. When packing for your trip, keep in mind that you’ll be sleeping in a roof top tent. Make sure you bring pillows, blankets and any other necessities to make sleeping more comfortable.
  5. Don’t forget insect repellent when camping in a roof top tent! Mosquitoes and other bugs can become an issue while sleeping under canvas roof top tents.
  6. Be mindful when using the ladder to climb onto and out of your roof top tent. Make use of its handrail as you ascend/decend; and take your time when ascending/descending it.
  7. Cleaning a Camper Trailer with Roof Top Tent (in no particular order or detail).

Assuming you want a non-list and non-bullet point answer:

Are You Needing Tips on Cleaning a Camper Trailer with Roof Top Tent:

  1. First, move the camper trailer to an area with shade for easier cleaning. This will keep things more comfortable.
  2. Once on top, use a ladder if necessary to access the camper trailer roof top tent for inspection and remove any leaves, twigs or other debris which have collected on it.
  3. After cleaning the tent on top, move down and focus on cleaning the exterior of your camper trailer itself. Start by giving it an initial thorough rinse using a hose.
  4. After wetting down your camper trailer, apply an abundance of soap over its entirety using either a sponge or brush to work into any dirty areas. If necessary, use either brushing or spongeing techniques to work the soap into any crevices where there may be dirt build-up.
  5. Use the garden hose to rinse away all soap residue from the camper trailer.
  6. Finally, use a microfiber cloth to polish off all stainless steel surfaces on the camper trailer.

Finally, open all windows and doors of the camper trailer to give it plenty of air circulation.

Camping can be an enjoyable way to escape everyday life and reconnect with nature, yet traditional camping can be daunting without the proper gear. 

That’s where camper trailers with roof top tents come in – these trailers are specially designed to make camping simpler and more comfortable, offering various features that enhance your camping experience even further. 

Whether it’s your first camping experience or you have plenty of camping under your belt already, consider purchasing one for your next outdoor excursion.

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