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Ultra-Lite All-Autos Portable Rooftop Tent


Our Portable combination design with carry bag ensures you can take the fun with you wherever you go, and the thoughtfully
designed carry bag adds an extra layer of ease to your adventures.the ultimate solution for your convenience and comfort!
Experience the joy of portability as all the incredible accessories come neatly packed in a compact carry bag with wheels, making
transportation an absolute breeze!

Fit most vehicles

No longer have to worry about vehicle restrictions, our roof top tent are innovatively designed to easily fit your car. Flexible
and diverse, convenient and efficient are the unique features of our inflatable roof top tent, which open up endless possibilities for you.

Whether it is a self-driving tour, camping adventure, or hiking outing, our inflatable roof top tent will become your
reliable travel companion, making every trip easy and enjoyable.


Discover new camping possibilities! Our portable roof tents provide you with a variety of usage scenarios, whether fixed on the roof, or placed on the ground, you can easily achieve a pleasant camping experience.

Imagine enjoying amazing on land, whether on the roof of your vehicle or on the ground, our inflatable roof tents hold securely for a comfortable and safe camping spot.
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